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Alfie Dwyer selection

Alfie Dwyer selection

Pow Pow

Just How DEEP Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

How To Touch

Breach the Firewall!

     Alfie Dwyer is an artist who is graduated from Kingston University BA Fine Art. He performed for the videos and did some experimental recording screens to form his artworks. In his works, he used many materials and themes which are related to Information Technology, as the artist who observes the current situations on the devices or the Internet, using his way to response them.


     Due to the feature of his works is similar to our concept, we are appreciated to have him as the busker for demonstrating all the video works from this programme on the Soho Streets.


 Special Cooperation 
 for Busking 

 with Alfie Dwyer 


The Last 

1. Pow Pow



2. Just How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?



3. How to Touch



4. Breach the Firewall!


Artworks Information
Live-Stream of Busking in Soho 220717
at Trafalgar Square
at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus
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